Race Reviews

We received a lot of extremely positive feedback on our first three years.

“The volunteers were the heart of this race, and those cheering were a wonderful motivator!”—S. F. from Oak Park, Illinois
“I would recommend this race to first-timers who need a memorable experience and also to the veteran runner who desires a kind, honest, and generous race director and staff. This organization is a model for any of the worn out, same-old, same-olds that understand neither the runner’s needs nor how to organize. Thanks to so many volunteers, friendly spectators, and the race director. I may be back with more runners.”—B. F. from southern Illinois
“Excellent organization, plenty of volunteers who are the true heroes of this event, and a great finish. I am so proud of belonging to C-U.”—V. G. from Champaign, Illinois
“This was my first half marathon. I LOVED IT! Everything was so organized—from packet pickup to the race to the post-race food. The community was so supportive. I can’t wait to return next year and possibly run the full marathon.”—M. S. from Bourbonnais, Illinois
“All of the people involved in the race, and the spectators seemed like the happiest people on earth. Perhaps they’d just left Disney World. Do this race. It is impossible not to like it. You will not go wrong doing this race.”—R.M. from Indiana
“I can’t say enough good things about the staff, volunteers, community officials and members. As a back-of-the-packer who completed the full marathon, I was continually impressed and grateful for the helpfulness, encouragement, and friendliness of all of the local officials and volunteers who directed our way, controlled traffic, and/or gave us refreshment — even after being at their jobs for a LONG time. And the support, cheers, and entertainment from the community members whose neighborhoods we invaded was truly inspiring.”—B. P. from Chicago
“Your race was amazing! Fans all the way, in every part of the course, cheering me on! Very well organized and easy for my family to park and watch me finish in the stadium. Thank you for a life-changing day!”—A.K. from Michigan
“My wife and I are Illinois grads, so we used this weekend as a homecoming. I ran the marathon, my son ran the 5K, and my two daughters ran the 1K. We had an absolute blast. This is a must-run for any Illini fan or graduate.”—M.S., Class of 1990
“C-U as a town really seems to be behind this marathon, and that’s great to see. Big thumbs up all around.”—M.S. from Missouri