Volunteer FAQ

Is there training required for my volunteer job?

Training is mandatory for course intersection volunteers. Click HERE for the schedule. Many other non-course team volunteers also have training. Click HERE for the schedule. For some other volunteer positions, no training is provided, but volunteers will receive an instruction sheet via email before race weekend.

I'm from out of town ‐ do I have to attend training?

Training is required for Course Intersection Team volunteers and all intersection volunteers must pick up their official volunteer shirt and safety vest. We now offer a online training for returning Course Intersection Team volunteers who only need a refresher. View the Course Intersection Team Training page for the dates and times to both train and pick up materials.

To receive access to the online training or further information on your post, contact coursevolunteers@illinoismarathon.com. For other volunteer posts, you will receive an email with instructions prior to your volunteer assignment.

When is the deadline to “volunteer by”?

We hope to fill all volunteer spots by March 30th to allow adequate time to prepare our volunteers. However, as long as volunteer jobs are available, we will keep volunteer registration open.

Why is my course team intersection or other volunteer job not showing up on the list of volunteer jobs?

Jobs not listed on the volunteer page are no longer available.

May I volunteer for more than one volunteer position?

Yes, just as long as the times do not conflict.

How do I volunteer with my friend(s)?

Our most crucial volunteer slots are the Course Intersection Team. Please consider signing up in an area along the course that requires two volunteers. You and your friend should simply register for the same intersection, and you will be together. If the only remaining intersections require just one volunteer, we would prefer you volunteer with your friend, than not volunteer at all. To make these arrangements, contact coursevolunteers@illinoismarathon.com. Or, if you would prefer a different volunteer assignment, simply review the volunteer listing for a job that requires two or more volunteers, and both of you should register for the same job.

How do I volunteer as a group?

Our most crucial volunteer slots are the Course Intersection Team. Please consider signing up in an area along the course. If you are a group of 10 or more, contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@illinoismarathon.com. If you have a smaller group, identify an opening from our volunteer listing, and each individual should register.

How do I volunteer to pass out water?

The water stops (hydration stations) are reserved for groups of 30 or more, and all hydration stations for this year are filled. If you are interested in providing a group of 30 volunteers or more for next year's hydration station, email hydration@illinoismarathon.com.

When should I arrive for my volunteer shift?

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your volunteer shift. This will allow adequate time to park and walk to the location of your assignment.

Where do I park?

Course Intersection volunteers will receive instructions at training. Volunteers at the Expo and the Stadium should reference this map.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

All Course Intersection volunteers must be at least 18 years old, because they are responsible for knowing and applying the Rules of the Road and have the maturity and ability to handle and direct others. If under the age of 18, they must be accompanied by an adult. For all other jobs, volunteers should be at least 14 years old and capable of fulfilling the volunteer description independently. All volunteers under 18 must have a parent/guardian complete the registration waiver.

Can my child volunteer with me?

Yes, but please read the description of the specific volunteer assignment, and use your best judgment to decide if your child is capable of assisting with our volunteer team.

What t-shirt size should I order?

The volunteer T-shirts are unisex; however, last year, shirts ran small. If the size you select does not fit you, you will likely be able to exchange it if the other size is available.

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email?

First, check your spam filter. The email was sent from Confirmation@DoItSports.com. If you still did not receive the confirmation email, please email volunteer@illinoismarathon.com with your first name, last name, and volunteer job. It is likely there is a typo in your email address, and we need to fix it so you can receive training instructions and volunteer details.

If I forgot the details of my volunteer assignment, how do I check what I signed up for?

You can view your volunteer assignments by entering your email address (the same email address that you used for registration) HERE FOR GENERAL VOLUNTEERS or HERE FOR COURSE INTERSECTION VOLUNTEERS.

How do I change/switch my volunteer assignment?

If you would like to move to a different volunteer job, contact coursevolunteers@illinoismarathon.com to switch intersections, or contact volunteer@illinoismarathon.com for all other volunteer assignments.

How do I cancel my volunteer assignment?

If you can no longer complete your volunteer assignment, please contact coursevolunteers@illinoismarathon.com if you are registered for Course Intersection Team, or contact volunteer@illinoismarathon.com for all other volunteer assignments. Please do so ASAP so that a volunteer can be found in your place!

Who signs my service hour sheet?

If you have a sheet/form that needs to be signed to verify your volunteer duties were met, please ask your volunteer coordinator immediately at the completion of your volunteer shift.

What charity does the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon support?

While running the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, many participants actively helped the well-being of their community and their neighbors. Through a combination of participant fundraising and direct donations by the race, the Illinois Marathon supports the community. Read our annual report.

Still have questions?

General volunteer questions: volunteer@illinoismarathon.com
Group arrangements: volunteer@illinoismarathon.com
Course Intersection Team: coursevolunteers@illinoismarathon.com