We Hear You

We want to make our races better, year after year, so we ask for feedback after the race. We want to know what we did well, so we can keep doing it, and what we did poorly, so we can do better.

The vast majority of comments we get are positive, which is gratifying. One theme stands out, and that is how much the runners appreciate the volunteers and the spectators.

Below are some of the recurring criticisms we have received for the 2012 events.

Common Gripes

The pasta feed was disappointing (or worse).

Our pasta feed team and our pasta feed sponsor, Biaggi’s, feel terrible about the logistical breakdown that resulted in dwindling portions and eventually running out in the final seating. We are working to make it up to those affected, and we will make sure it does not happen again.

Meadowbrook Park was better than last year but still too congested.

The wave start seems to have greatly improved the congestion in Meadowbrook Park but has not eliminated the problem entirely. We'll keep working on this.

Runners should get postrace food on the stadium floor.

This is a perennial suggestion/request/demand, but it will never happen. The only way we are allowed to finish in the stadium is by agreeing not to serve food on the turf, and too many runners love the stadium finish for us to give that up.

You need more of those reflective blankets.

Yes, we do. We will not run out next year.

You need better crowd control of parents at the youth run.

Yes, we do.

This shirts are too small.

This was especially a problem for women in the full and half marathon. Although we advertised that we were offering women’s sizes, and that the shirts ran on the small side, that still left many entrants selecting a shirt that was smaller than they were expecting. We will try to do a better job of communicating shirt specs.